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It's no secret at this point... gas prices are on the rise and there's no clear indicator  on how long these higher prices will last. 

While having to purchase gas for your every day commute is challenging enough with the extra costs, for some there is an even bigger dilemma because they might be looking for a new ride, but also want to consider the current economic circumstances along with the uncertainty of how long it will last.


We thought we'd put together a list to guide anyone through the decision making process that is looking to purchase a vehicle right nwo.

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Take into consideration what YOU want most from a car. If you're already a budget spender and don't want to purchase a vehicle that will add to your payments at the pump, consider waiting for a bit or maybe even looking into vehicles your normally would'nt that are efficient on gas. 

2. Factor In How Much You Drive 

Everyone's commute is different, and everyone's demand for driving outside of work is different. If you're the type who is simply trying to get from point A to point B, with a stop at the grocery store here and there, then maybe it's already in  your best interest to get a car that's already fuel efficient. If you have long commutes and need to drive quite a bit in your personal-life then you definitely want to consider the fuel efficiency of a vehicle you are purchasing. 

3. Identify Your Ideal Vehicle Size 

Sometimes you don't get to purchase the vehicle you want because it's not necessarily just about you. If you've got a big family that  needs to be driven around in a 3-Row SUV, you already know that the fuel efficiency is not going to be that of smaller cars and SUV's. So to this we say, do your research and compare the efficiency ratings of many different manufacturers and see what options are best for you. 

Also, we highly suggest reading customer reviews on websites and forums throughout the internet where people can give real honest feedback on vehicles they've owned for long periods of time. 

4. Don't be Afraid to Wait if You're Not Comfortable Buying Right Now

Buying any kind of vehicle regardless of gas prices is a decision to be pondered upon and researched thoroughly. You're likely going to be making a long-term commitment to any vehicle you buy and if you're not truly sure right now about making a decision, don't feel bad for waiting a bit longer until you find what's right for you. 

5. Don't Be Afraid To Ask Dealerships About What They Have Coming In 

Most dealerships always have vehicles that are in transit that haven't arrived and been made for sale yet. Feel free to ask dealerships what they have coming in because even if they don't have something to your liking at the moment, they may have something perfect for you that arrived in a week or two. So ask away! 

The most important thing is that you prioritize yourself and your needs above all when making your decision, and hopefully sooner rather than later these gas prices will drop to something a bit more sustainable! 
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