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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter at Priced Right Auto


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Winter is just around the corner, and as the saying goes: “it’s always better to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”


There’s a few things you can do for your vehicle NOW to make sure that your vehicle is hitting the winter roads in the best shape possible: 

  1. Make Sure You’re Tires are Good


The roads in Michigan can get pretty rough in the winter, meaning you’re going to be dealing with snow, ice, slush, and all the other drivers around you who may not take the same level of preparation as…

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The Importance of an Oil Change

It’s probably the number one thing people think of when it comes to maintaining their car, an oil change. It’s important that all vehicles are routinely getting their oil changed, not just for the maintenance of the car, but also for the long-term condition and safety of the vehicle.
Changing a car’s oil helps the engine function better, and run more smoothly. By ensuring that your vehicle's engine oil is properly lubricated you get the benefits of better engine life-span, performance, and even better gas mileage.......
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How Often Should I Service My Vehicle?

Maintaining your vehicle is essential for so many reasons. Not only does a well-maintained vehicle last longer and perform better, but if you ever decide to sell your vehicle or trade it in, the overall condition of the vehicle will play a critical factor as to how much it is worth. 
So, being that it’s in both the consumer and the buyers best interest to have a well maintained vehicle how often should you service it
Experts recommend that a vehicle be fully serviced every 10,000-12,000 miles. These incremental check ups with your vehicle will give you…
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